VinylPlus® Product Label

What is it?

The VinylPlus® Product Label is a labelling scheme which makes it easy for customers and markets to identify the most sustainable and high-performance PVC products. Currently, the scheme covers the PVC building products as defined in Article 2 and Annex I of the EU Construction Products Regulation 305/2011.

The VinylPlus® Product Label has been developed by VinylPlus®, in collaboration with Building Research Establishment (BRE) and The Natural Step (TNS).

How does it work?

The VinylPlus® Product Label is a voluntary certification scheme. All VinylPlus® partners can choose to apply for the label for a PVC product or product family. The scheme has been developed so as to ensure that the products and their components, but also the company’s policies and performances, are aligned with the below sustainability requirements:

VinylPlus® Product Label

VinylPlus® partnership and programme support

VinylPlus® Product Label

Organisational management requirements

VinylPlus® Product Label

Supply chain management requirements

VinylPlus® Product Label

Controlled loop management and recycling

VinylPlus® Product Label

PVC resin from sustainable sources

VinylPlus® Product Label

Responsible use of additives

VinylPlus® Product Label

Sustainable energy and climate policies

VinylPlus® Product Label

Sustainability awareness and communication

Why apply?

Top 5 reasons to apply for the VinylPlus® Product Label:

Showcase your sustainable PVC solutions


Increase your sales for sustainable PVC solutions


Set yourself apart and attract buyers and specifiers


Make it easy for your customers to identify your products based on sustainability performance


Benefit from the Label promotion done by VinylPlus®


Apply now!

The VinylPlus® Product Label is open to all VinylPlus partners. Is your company the next to get the label?