About us

Who we are

Vinyl Belgium is the Belgian platform for the PVC value chain. It creates added value for its members by being the voice of the PVC value chain in Belgium, and making its voice heard with regards to European PVC related topics.

Vinyl Belgium is also part of the European PVC Network, organized by the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM). The PVC Network is a network of national organizations operating for over 20 years, providing information, organizing events, responding to issues and building relationships in each of their countries.

Vinyl Belgium is an independent non-profit organization created in 2002.

Our vision

Thanks to knowledge and expertise, Vinyl Belgium is the unique point of contact for valorising PVC and its applications in a scientifically substantiated manner.

Our mission

Creating added value for our members, by being the voice of the PVC value chain in Belgium, monitoring regulatory developments and providing sound information to all stakeholders.


Executive board